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More than 150 small business and over 600 individuals have chosen KIS as their insurance partner. Here's what they say:

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I went online and purchased a plan for my wife. I had no idea that the plan did not have my wife's doctors in network. I was referred to Larry Kaczmarek who personally helped me not only choose a plan that had my wife's doctor in network, but also had better coverage than the original plan. Larry’s attention to detail saved our family the headache of finding and getting to know a whole new group of providers.


I had to pay the penalty for not having insurance because I thought having a plan would be too expensive. Larry was able to find a plan that was affordable and provide tax savings so I will not have to pay the penalty next year.


I was terminated from my job and my employer offered me COBRA. It was way too expensive. Larry was able to help my husband and I get an affordable individual policy with a subsidy.


I left my employer for another job, but my health insurance did not kick in for 90 days. Larry helped me get an inexpensive temporary plan to cover me through those first 90 days.


My husband turned 65 and retired. Darlene helped him find a Medigap policy to supplement his Medicare and a drug plan that best fit the prescription drugs he was taking. Since he retired and I am only 60, I lost my health insurance and Larry then helped me find a policy that we could afford that also had my doctors in network.


I was turning 65 and my wife was paying a lot of money for my insurance through her job. Darlene showed us options under Medicare. We chose an Advantage Plan that included drug coverage and the total cost was much less than what my wife was paying through her employer.


I was placed on Social Security Disability due to Multiple Sclerosis. I needed coverage for my expensive medication and something to help limit my out-of-pocket costs under Medicare. Darlene showed me an Advantage Plan that provided both in network and out of network benefits and also covered my prescriptions for an additional small co-pay.


I called Larry for life insurance since my husband and I just had a baby and my husband had already worked with Larry on life insurance. Together, we analyzed our family debt, income, and future needs. The amount we needed seemed huge, but Larry insisted the insurers would go as high as 30 times our family income for appropriate insurance coverage. Larry shopped the amount with over 20 insurers and was able to provide one million dollars of coverage through a combination of term and permanent insurance, and even added some extra coverage for my husband that fit into our budget.


My wife and I are both over 70 and I wanted a life insurance policy that would be enough to cover my burial costs. Larry found a last expense policy at a rate we could afford so my wife will not have to dig into savings for my final expenses.


I am a retired doctor with three grown children who do not live near me. My wife and I had just gotten through caring for her elderly mother which was time consuming and whose care used up most of her estate. Darlene showed us a Long Term Care Insurance plan that was partially tax deductible and would allow both cash option and a daily payment amount. The plan would alleviate our children from the burden of our care while helping to protect a large portion of our estate should we have to "spend down," thus preserving inheritance for our children.


Darlene was able to secure a Long-Term Care policy for the elderly aunt of a client even though the aunt had a pre-existing illness. The plan provided for $100.00 per day benefit for two years after a 180-day waiting period. The aunt was admitted to a nursing home six months after purchasing the plan. The premium was waived after 90 days of care and the plan paid the plan maximum amount of $73,000.00. Our client said, "It was just like winning the lottery.”


The latest tax filings confused me along with the other changes mandated by the new healthcare law. Our CEO owns a separate business that employs more than 200 full and part-time employees. Larry helped me figure out our full-time equivalent employees and referred me to a company with whom he works closely to assist in future employee counts, affordability testing and 1095C completion. Together they answered all my questions. His service was commendable.


My employees and I had health insurance through our spouses' employer or through individual plans. I wanted to provide an added benefit to help me in retaining and rewarding my exemplary employees, but could not afford to take on another debt. Debbie and Larry showed me how I could offer each employee $15.00 each month that I could write off and that my employees could use toward the purchase of life insurance, disability insurance, dental, or vision without additional employee contribution made through payroll deduction. Both my employees and I are grateful.


I kept losing employees since I did not offer any health insurance. Larry put together a dual option plan for which I paid 75% of the cost of the least expensive plan and the employees could "upgrade" to a more robust plan on a pretax, payroll and deduction basis. My employee turnover has dropped considerably and I simply need to pay the premium. Larry personally comes out to enroll new employees and Roni handles any questions or problems my employees or I have with insurance claims or billing.